Presto Manifesto

by lovelaurie

On an unassuming night with my friend Bikes, at his music studio, he does what he does best, make me laugh and tell stories in long and drawn out prose. This evening his insightful and inquiring mind questioned me and, in essence, tried to make sense of his own journey from a break up. Having like minded individuals around to reflect our own ideas is paramount in this day and age, where the universe is propelling us to move forward beyond our own (mis)perceptions and limitations.

Nonetheless, he called me out on an old post here about how I wrote I would never get on a plane for a boy. He argued that this statement was from a place of heartache, break up and loss. Pointing out that this stance was not the intention of this blog, he rambled on about what it is one should do in the after math of a break up. The idea for this blog stems from a period in my life when I was too depressed to do anything, I laid on my bed of a million jaded little pieces longing to see things differently. I realized that the tunnel I was looking down was negative and into the past. I wanted to look forward and see more beauty, more life, more love and more truth. It is always my truth that I am seeking…. I am after all the author of my own life and if I want to see more of those things I have to create it. I set out to create self- amplified love; by writing in love laurie I am creating a universal unconscious triangle between what my perception is of events and the intention of my life with the overall affect of knowing and creating love (and all its associations). The name of this blog suggests it, when others just read the title “Love Laurie” that message is out. Call it selfish, call it genius, call it whatever you want it is working. I have the capacity to create whatever I want, and sometimes this is overwhelming, suffocating and liberating, but I would much rather live with the idea that anything is possible, than live in this little box that is imposed on us. I will embrace the freedom of uncertainty of putting my bold self out there for all others to read and push forward in my “presto manifesto” of love/truth/beauty/power.

An important point that came out of Bikes’ and my discussion was that in the face of heart ache, when your whole world has been shattered and the dullness of grey skies fill the void of nothingness how do you embark?
Do you open or close?
When reflecting and trying to sort out what went wrong do continue to open to the residual attack of arrows aimed at your heart and just stand there to let every last arrow puncture the heart in an attempt to be open. Or do you cower in a dark cloak protecting whatever is left of your broken heart, bitter and seething?