Talk the Talk

Dating in Vancouver. I don’t know about your luck, or maybe it is just me, but I have had some fun experiences lately. I had been dating a guy for a while when I finally decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands and bring up a very important issue. For me it is easier to passively let things slide in the name of love and sex but I had made a pact with myself that from the last ex forward I would no longer let my feelings, opinions and thoughts fester inside. It was time for me to talk about how I feel rather than just let things be. I had already lost many great opportunities in my past relationships to do that, and I think talking about what is on one’s mind is a great tool for personal and relational growth. So here I am, after a nice afternoon romp, I asked Johnny Boy why he doesn’t participate in vaginal foreplay. To which he replies, “I kind of like to just have sex”…. I am thinking all right, but that isn’t good enough and I replied, “well, you are kind of missing a whole part of getting down, Johnny you have to get down with the Vagina. Check it out. Get to know it. You are missing out a lot without it.” And there I had it. The talk that I needed to set myself free from shame of letting a guy get away with that kind of neglect! Needless to say I left that relationship about two weeks later.